Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your Jewelry for Wedding

1. All good things come to those that wait

We will say it again and again… but it is worth waiting until you have chosen your dress.  The wedding dress neckline, style, and detail will often dictate what style of jewelry will work best. There is an immense number of online stores where you can find ideal jewelry pieces, check out the large diversity offered by Mental Heaven. Their multi color bracelet hits the records this season.

2. Know your own style

Choose bridal jewelry to reflect your own sense of style.  Many of accessories and wedding jewelry items can be teamed together to create your own stunning look.

3. Dazzle at Dawn

Want to remove your tiara for the evening for a less formal look?  Why not replace it with an eye-catching statement jewelry piece instead. Stunning blue fire opal ring may be a cool alternative.

4. Don’t compromise on style

Brides on a budget don’t have to compromise on style. Choose the favorite bridal pendant that is really gorgeous and bridal hair pins. They are often more cost efficient compared to a bridal tiara for decorating bridal hair.

5. Glamorous gifts for bridesmaids

There is something about wearing jewelry made with Swarovski crystals that makes it feel that little bit special. Bridesmaid jewelry is perfect for bridesmaid gifts and without any doubt, they will wear it again and again.

6. Perfect bridal hair calls for perfect bridal hair accessories

While brides often have their own strong sense of style and know what they want, there are a few recommendations when it comes down to bridal hair and bridal hair accessories. For example, for short hair-down styles, forget hairpins, but why not opt for a tiara headband instead. It is worth consulting with your hair stylist in good time as your hair length, type and choice of bridal hairstyle will often reflect which bridal hair accessories will work best for you.