Add a Touch of Romance to Your Home

Add a touch of romance to every room in your home and enjoy a sense of magic all year through.

Romance means different things to different people. Therefore, to create a romantic living space, you need to have personal elements that reflect who you are. Building a love nest that is either warm or cozy or cool and calming is what makes a house a home one that depicts the people that live there and how they love to live. Though the language of romance is involved, the relationship you build within your house need not be nor is it hard to add romantic appeal, if you follow a few rules.

1. The light way

Lighting is key to creating the overall desired ambience and look of a room. Once you have assessed how the natural lighting works in the space, consider how and where to use artificial light. You can, for instance, change the standard lighting by adding dimmer switches to create a romantic effect, while a crystal chandelier adds flair.

There are many different designs on the market to choose from, but the one that best suits your home should add character and speak of who you are. A fireplace and candles are also effective ways of playing around with lighting as they enhance the mood no matter the occasion or time of day.

2. Mirror image

Mirrors enhance a room and add a fairytale element. Depending on the layout of the room and the type of mirror, it either becomes a focal point or adds a decorative touch. Mirrors quickly open up a place and can make it appear larger, adding its spell of magic and further enhancing a romantic atmosphere.

3. Inside out

Here, the double doors frame the garden view creating original, priceless artwork for onlookers. This outside influence encourages a dreamy, meditative environment, which you can also achieve with an artwork depicting a natural scene. Bring in fresh flowers, ideally from the garden, to bring even more of the outside in, add bursts of colour and allow its fragrances to waft through the room and naturally freshen up space. Jaye Niemi, the Australian interior perfume stylist, says that Scent in the home is essential, as the aroma we choose to permeate our space becomes embedded in the memory of anyone with whom we want to share that space.

4. Colour me beautiful

The choice of color is as personal as one’s interpretation of the word romance. Color can affect your mood. It has an enormous influence on the look of your interiors remember this when choosing hues. Bringing in color tones that add warmth and luxurious appeal has a positive effect on your home and yourself.

5. Sense and sensuality

Your home must appeal to your tastes. Achieve this by mixing various textures and surfaces to delight the soul. In this room tiles are combined with a rug; distressed, wooden furniture with a glamorous chandelier and linen curtains with a decorative mirror all working comfortably together to achieve a warm, sensual and inviting space. Knowing your likes and dislikes is key to creating a home you will love.