4 Reasons Why Cooking Together Strengthens Your Relationship

It may seem strange for you, and you may probably ask yourself silently, “How are coking and relationship connected?” when reading the title of this article. On one hand, it may seem to be unrelated ideas. However, the truth is they go hand in hand and, what is more, they are so close to each other that you will be impressed with why you have not known about it before (have you already heard about sacos ecologicos?) 

“Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat.”

Guy Fieri

How are these two things interconnected?

Cooking is a great occupation that allows couples to connect and stay closer to each other on an intimate level. So, what are couples cooking together happier than those that do not do it? What are the benefits of cooking together?

#1 Cooking improves sex life

The conducted in 2016 research says that approximately one in 5 Americans says that “someone who is a good cook turns them on the most – the same amount (19 percent) as those who are most turned on by a nice body.” Deep into this: cooking connects people and makes them closer to each other or even strengthens the relationship between the two. 

#2 Cooking increases emotional bond

Cooking together as well as most of the stuff done by couples together enhances the connection. Therefore, those couples that cook together stay together longer. Cooking together creates a context in which the two can coordinate your actions, thereby spending more time together. Couples that cook together feels emotionally attuned with one another. Those couples that prefer cooking together say that they think “bonded” with their second half. 

#3 Cooking improves mental bonds and communication

Those couples or spouses that spend time together while cooking has more common as doing the cooking process they discuss the day events, express their plans for the future, share their emotions, and opinions. They learn more about each other. Without communication, a relationship is dull, and what is more, it is doomed. You should know all about your partner and cooking is the way to start with. Why? Because during the cooking process, you as well as your partner are more focused on food preparation and a step-by-step guide to doing it as delicious as passive. The critical focus is food, not what to say or how to say it. You are open as well as a book and tell mostly what comes to your mind first. And, as it is said, the first mind is the most trustworthy and sincere – that is what makes us who we are, not whom we want to look like.  

#4 Cooking is great for physical health

You may ask how cooking helps your physical health. The fact is that “you are what you eat.” Indeed if you eat healthy food, vegetables, and fruits, you feel happier and more active. You look good, fresh, and even younger! 

So, if you want to improve or strengthen the relationship with your spouse or partner, the kitchen is the most affordable and accessible place to start with!